Advanced Pulmonary Imaging Laboratory - APILab

Director: Dr. Grace Parraga

We are fascinated by the interactions of lung growth and development with lung aging and disease. The lungs are central to homeostasis and to life; without optimal lung structure and function, all other physiological systems in humans are compromised and eventually fail. Paradoxically, lung abnormalities are expressed "silently" until disease mechanisms are well-established or irreversible because fundamentally, the respiratory system is over-engineered for day to day tasks. This makes detection and a deep understanding of lung disease and its mechanisms extremely challenging.

Lung imaging to transform patient outcomes

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A variety of biophysical techniques are used in the Parraga laboratory, with a major emphasis on high resolution magnetic resonance imaging measurements made in vivo in children and adults and exploring their relationship with lung physiology. Ongoing projects are focussed on answering fundamental questions about lung health.

Research and Technology

Precision MRI Initiative at Western

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The Complex Airways-Disease Translational Team (CATT)


If you have a condition such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, lung cancer or post-radiation lung injury or if you are greater than 65 years of age without any lung disease, we are currently performing research studies that you might be interested in.

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Changing the way chronic lung diseases are understood and treated

Grace Parraga, PhD

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair
Lung Imaging to Transform Outcomes

Professor and Scientist, Robarts Research Institute
Department of Medical Biophysics
Departments of Oncology, Medicine, School of Biomedical Engineering
Western University

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